What can I do with Celeriac?

English: Celeriac Français : Céleri-rave

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I love receiving my vegetable box (fortnightly) because it is like a lucky dip for me. My box usually contains at least one or two seasonal vegetables that I would not normally buy at the supermarket. These gems, which arrive on my doorstep, force me to look for some new recipes and I usually find that I enjoy them with gusto. This week my box contains celeriac.

It was an encounter with celeriac that helped me decide to order a veg box. One day at work one of my colleagues was making herself some lunch in the kitchen. I noticed that she grated some raw celeriac and some other raw vegetables (carrot, beetroot) into a bowl to make a salad. Up until that point I hadn’t realised that celeriac could be eaten raw. When I asked her about it, my colleague said that it was related to celery (it is the celery root)…yes, it seems obvious now! It was then that I decided to order a veg box to force myself to learn about and try some new foods. I chose a veg box rather than a fruit and veg  box because I think I am already quite adventurous with my fruit choices (I tried Dragon Fruit recently when it discounted at the supermarket, but I did not enjoy it).

Celery & celeriac provide fibre, vitamin C, vitamins B1, B2 and B6, potassium, folic acid & calcium. The phtochemicals (coumarins) contained within may help with cancer prevention and they enhance the activity of some white blood cells.

Celeriac should be peeled and the thick and hairy roots removed (just because they look unpleasant). When I looked for recipes today I found quite a few that looked appealing, including:

  • Celeriac oven chips
  • Steak & onions with celeriac mash
  • Celeriac, potato & rosemary gratin
  • Celeriac coleslaw
  • Roast, curried celeriac chunks
  • Prosciutto & celeriac twists (party food)

Hmmm…I think I’ll make a coleslaw today.


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