Food Myth: Vegetarian meals are the healthiest meals

True or false? If you want to have the healthier option it’s best to choose a vegetarian dish

False – Some vegetarians like to think that their diet is healthier than that of meat-eaters. However, veggie dishes are likely to be just as high in fat if they contain alternatives such as cheese, cream or have been deep-fried. Some meat options, such as fish and chicken, are often a healthy option.  Always consider the ingredients and cooking methods before deciding on the healthiest and most nutritious choice.


One response

  1. The vegetarian diet is also defiscient in high quality protein,amino acids, l-carnitine, carnosine, B-12, omega 3 fatty acids and a plethora of other high quality nutrients. The amino acid imbalances and scarcity alone is cause for concern since all of the structures of your body are made of them, vitamins and minerals being merely small additions to these large polypeptide molecules that make up our bodies, so why would you decide to exclusively consume a second rate source of protein?

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