DIET: one thing we all have in common

DIET – definition: the food and drink that a person regularly consumes

It seems to me that, in our day-to-day lives, we all have at least one thing in common. We all eat. Every day. Since we all eat we all have a diet – that is, food and drink that we consume regularly.

Not everyone will spend time thinking about their diet. Some people take great care with their diet and might describe themselves as having a gluten-free diet, a reduced-salt diet or a weight control diet, amongst others.

How would you describe the diet of your friends, family and workmates? It is sometimes possible to identify a healthy diet or a junk-food diet. Mostly, it is not that simple. Many people in the Western world eat a varied diet containing many different foods, some of which contain nutrients that promote health and well-being and others that may be energy-dense and nutrient poor, providing nothing but ’empty calories’. The trick is to find a ‘healthy balance’, or at least to improve the balance between healthier and less-healthy foods and drinks.

As a nutritionist I am interested in promoting the use of ‘good food’ (full of nutrients) to promote good health. To me ‘Good Health’ means having a sense of well-being and plenty of energy, with a body that will enable you to do the things you would like to do, such as go to work, enjoy your free time, or play with the children. In addition, choosing to eat ‘good food’ may help us to avoid the development of a range of preventable but debilitating health problems, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, which are often associated with the modern diet.

I have accepted a 30-day blogging challenge and hope to explore the concept of the ‘balanced diet’ over the next 30 days. Personally, I try to choose nutrient-rich foods for every meal, though I must watch my portion sizes and my liking for biscuits (nutrient poor). Look for me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where I promote the use of everyday and inexpensive foods that might help us all in our quest for better health and well-being. See you tomorrow!


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