Healthy choices: the lowdown

In the first 10 days of my 30 day blogging challenge I have tried to provide an overview of a healthy diet and the healthy choices that we can make in our everyday lives. Did you catch all of last weeks posts?

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You can access any of these posts (and more!) by checking out the menu on the right of the page

Each person’s diet is made up of the food and drink which may provide important nutrients that benefit their health. Recently news items have highlighted that food manufacturers and the government should take responsibility for making changes to food, drinks and our environment that will assist us all with making healthier choices. While this is true, it is also true that if we wait for these corporations and our government to make changes we will be waiting a long time for any discernible results.

It is important that each of us takes responsibility for our own health. We can each make healthy choices today that can benefit our health in a very short period of time. The food and drink we eat can be changed relatively easily and our taste buds soon get used to the taste of a greater variety of foods.

Keep an eye on my blog for more information in the coming days and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for even more hints, tips and updates.


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