DIY Health – Do It Yourself Health

Despite worldwide acknowledgement that overweight and obesity is a growing public health crisis, government efforts to develop a healthier environment are slow to come to fruition. However, we need not wait – we can each make changes that will benefit our health.

The government hopes to make healthy choices easier for us. The government may try to restrict the amount of sugar or calories we consume by levying taxes on some foods and drinks. The government may make changes to the built environment so that walking or cycling are safer and easier.

The problem is that such changes take time to plan and implement.

In the meanwhile many people continue along a relatively unhealthy path, choosing high calorie, nutrient-poor foods and a sedentary lifestyle – the convenient choices in our modern world.

Even when government plans are realised, each of us will still need to choose to embrace the changes on offer. For example, breakfast cereal may contain less sugar in future but if we tend to eat over-sized portions of cereal daily our overall calorie intake will remain high and weight loss may continue to prove difficult to achieve. Similarly, if we continue to jump into the car for all journeys, even when walking is quite safe, then changes to the built environment will not contribute to better health.

Now, and in the future, we must choose to make the healthier choices. Changes to food composition or the environment will make little difference if we do not change our habits.

When the food we eat helps us to meet our nutritional requirements we often feel so much better – we may have more energy and sleep may improve. When we choose to be more active, we often feel more energised, not more tired.

Decide now to make healthier choices. Choose healthy food. Be more active.

Future changes to food and the environment may further benefit our health, but we cannot wait for these changes before we start making healthier choices. Indeed, changes to food and the environment may not materialise or may not be what we expect.

Decide now to eat better, getting important nutrients from a variety of foods.

Decide now to be more active, simply by walking more or undertaking any number of other simple activities that may contribute to your fitness.

Decide now that you want to be healthier

Decide now and Do It Yourself.

Embrace #DIYHealth

Enjoy Good Food for Good Health

©SD Wheelock

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