Why everything you know about nutrition is wrong

When considering your health it is important to think about the things that work best for you. How do you feel when you eat, drink, exercise, or relax?

This recent article posits that there is no real proof that many ‘healthy lifestyle’ recommendations actually improve our health. Even the mainstream recommendations are probably ‘best guess’ recommendations – of course, they might help but they might have no effect or even be detrimental to our health.

Why everything you know about nutrition is wrong

As the article says, many of us have other reasons for eating one way or another – some of us cut down on meat consumption for ethical or environmental reasons. From personal experience, I have figured out that eating dietary fibre prevents constipation and that drinking plenty of fluids prevents headaches and helps with concentration.

There are a lot of tempting and convenient high-calorie foods available to most of us and therefore it is easy for us to overeat. Personally, I try to avoid eating a lot of high calorie foods because I don’t like to gain weight – it makes it less pleasant to walk around, especially up hills or stairs and in warmer temperatures (I don’t drive so I walk alot). I try to choose more ‘natural’ foods that might contain nutrients that benefit my body – I eat a mainly plant-based diet that includes wholegrains, fruit, vegetables and milk for maximum vitamins and minerals, which seems like common sense to me.

Like the writer, I may have been indoctrinated to some extent, but I generally like the foods that have been deemed ‘healthier choices’ and so I tend to choose those over other choices. My ‘just in case’ philosophy seems to work for me.

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