Welcome to Minimal-ish

Welcome to Minimal-ish!

Minimal-ish describes my lifestyle, choices and overall philosophy.

I call myself Minimal-ish because I do not think of myself as a Minimalist. Minimalism seems too extreme for me. If you were to look inside my front door you might say that I have too many possessions to be described as a Minimalist…and I would agree.

In describing myself as Minimal-ish, I consider that I am generally heading in the direction of Minimalism, though I may never get there. I try to live a simple and healthy life, conscious of my overall consumption. I try to make sustainable choices. I have found a few things that work for me and, therefore, I make few changes. I am vegetarian. I eat the same things most days. I like to walk, which counts as my daily activity. I get as much sleep as I can, though I am not a good sleeper. I use mindfulness and meditation to help with my anxiety and stress. I clean about once a week – I wash my hair, vacuum, clean the bathroom and change the bedsheets every Saturday. I cannot remember the last time I ironed any of my clothes. I am not a fan of multi-tasking. I add as little as possible to my diary, scheduling a maximum of one appointment a day if I really need to make an appointment for something. I do not watch much TV. I read a lot of ebooks.

In recent months we have been living with stay-at-home orders and many shops have been closed (I live in England). During this time I have learned that contentment can be achieved more easily than than I imagined – for example, I have been happiest when sitting in the garden listening to my favourite songs on repeat (using my preferred app). Most of my possessions have been a part of my life for many years and during this pandemic I have lived quite comfortably with my old stuff. Almost all of my shopping has been online grocery shopping. I bought some bathroom towels and my husband bought a new phone, but I cannot think of anything else we have bought for months. Though I do not consider shopping a leisure activity, I now recognise that my few pre-pandemic shopping trips were often fuelled by boredom, rather than need. An unexpected takeaway lesson from this period which will help me on my Minimal-ish path.

England will be attempting to re-open in spring and summer 2021 but I do not plan to do much shopping when the shops re-open. I have had plenty of time to realise that I need very little to live well. I have missed the cinema and the pub, but I feel no need to accumulate new and shiny things. What about you?

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Photo from Pexels

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