June 2021

Although pandemic-days pass slowly, the months are passing quickly. The six months since Christmas have been filled with little more than trying to guess when we might be able to live with fewer restrictions and, once again, be free to make our own decisions.

Living on a knife-edge (is the situation a bit better or a bit worse this week?) has filled the days with endless speculation about the ‘next steps’ and that has completely absorbed me for months. Absorbed me to the point that I have had little bandwidth for anything other than eating, sleeping and other essential functions. Living within a speculative bubble is, perhaps, a little better than living in an anxiety bubble (so 2020) but the effect is similar…the months rushing past!

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Anyway, for these reasons 2021 has been quite Minimal-ish so far. Little shopping. A few pub visits (outdoors). About three daytrips when the museums opened. No holidays.

My (mostly) stay-at-home existence was also influenced by my vaccination status, but now that I am fully vaccinated there are still few places that I am able to go since visitor numbers remain restricted. Now that I am willing to venture out occasionally I am longing for the chance to be just a little spontaneous.

I wonder when we will be able to make a spur-of-the-moment decision again?

©SD Wheelock

Photo from Pixabay

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