Useful links & other info

Health & well-being CALM – for information about choosing a healthy lifestyle for all ages – healthy choices for the whole family – tips for a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby

British Dietetic Association – food fact sheets

British Heart Foundation – learn more about living healthily (order free publications)

Diabetes UK – find out what you need to know about eating a healthy, balanced diet with diabetes

Magazine clippings

NUTS & SEEDS – contain healthy fats, vitamins and minerals which benefit our health

Nuts1 Nuts2

PULSES & BEANS – the basis of some of our favourite foods, like baked beans, homous and curries

Pulses1 Pulses2

CHOOSE TINNED OR CANNED FOOD – Tinned or canned food is cheap, easy to store, reduces waste and is nutritious because food is tinned soon after it is harvested

Tinned1 Tinned2

CRISPS – What is the fat content of the crisps you eat (5g fat is a teaspoon of fat)

Crisps - p.1 Crisps Fat & kcals (page 2)



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