Sports nutrition

Information about real food for sports people – a good diet and correct hydration will help you to perform to the best of your abilities


Sports Dietitians Australia – Fluids in Sport

Sports Dietitians of Australia – Sports drinks

MILK – research shows that milk is an excellent choice of drink for recovering after training. Milk is relatively cheap and has a good ratio of carbohydrate to protein, making it good for maximising muscle repair and gains, repleting glycogen and rehydrating.

Chocolate milk: a post-exercise recovery beverage

Dairy & Sports Nutrition

Top tips

Smoothie – blend a ripe banana with low-fat milk and sprinkle cinnamon on top (add peanut butter to the mix if you like)

Hot chocolate – great when you come in from training and you are feeling the cold

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Protein foods are important for building and repairing muscles but a varied diet containing a balance of everyday foods will generally supply more than enough protein for most athletes. When an athlete increases their energy (calorie) intake by eating a variety of extra foods the extra food will naturally supply the extra protein the athlete requires.

International Olympic Committee – Nutrition for Athletes

Sports Dietitians of Australia – Protein for Athletes

SENr Supplement use in sport (2016)

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Sports Dietitians Australia – Eating and drinking before sport

Sports Dietitians Australia – Tips for Rugby League and Rugby Union players

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NHS Choices – Food for sport and exercise

British Dietetic Association – Sport Food Fact Sheet

British Nutrition Foundation – Nutrition for sport and exercise

Sports Dietitians Australia – Fact sheets


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